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6 phases of output control
Micro level precise injection
Smart rotating knob, constant output volume and pressure, elasticity 1/60 - 1/240 c.c., 6 phases of precise micro output, applicable to every recipient site, increased fat retention rate.
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12 kinds of rotation
360 degree rotation
The injection direction for fat/filler can be adjusted at any time in accordance with the needs during operation; no coverage gap.
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188g net weight of the empty gun
Aerospace grade aluminum alloy
First rate aerospace technology, delivering a lightweight and durable performance.
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1.5cm grip thickness, 6.6cm average grip distance
Ergonomic design
Ergonomic gun shape grip design, suitable for prolonged surgical use.
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Patented Cannula Chuck
Patented cannula chuck ease of use
No slippage and disconnection, Adapt to the lower-cost luer-slip syringes
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special made for MAFT-gun 100% fit
Aluminum alloy shell
Anti-collision and deformation, autoclavable, zero gap in sterilization, Envisaged for various clinical conditions.
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