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For Aspiration
2.5mm Aspiration Cannula
Used for liposuction, adapt to luer-lock syringes
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For Preparation
Infiltration Cannula
Used for local anesthetic solution injection.
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16G Injection Cannula
Only Side Hole Type with Stylet
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For Inection
18G Injection Cannula
Blunt Tip and Side Hole Cannula With Stylet
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For Centrifugate
Syringe Transducer
Syringe Cap for Centrifugation(Luer lock)
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Made Exclusively For Your MAFT-GUN
Autoclave Box
100% Suitable for MAFT-gun®. Protect and Carry, Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy Body
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For Fat Collection
Golden Fat Collector Kit
It is an useful jar for fat collection. With a silicone top and two tube adapter, The volume is 500ml and the set is autoclavable.
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Useful Accessory (Not Included In The Kit)
Patented MAFT-gun® adaptor
The adapter is available with current general cannulas in the Market.
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